My Journey With CP

This blog is all about my life with Cerebral Palsy. You will find blogs about what I get up to in my life and the way CP affects me, physically and mentally.

Latest from the Blog


Due to the Coronavirus my swimming is cancelled until further notice. In some ways I am relieved because it gives me a break and gives me more time to relax. In other ways I really miss swimming because I got used to training four hours a week. I have started to notice that my musclesContinue reading “Swimming”


I haven’t baked as much as I would have liked too but I really do enjoy it. It’s a good way to be creative because u can decorate your baking how ever you want. My favourite cake is Victoria Sponge but I don’t really like baking it as you can’t decorate it. I would likeContinue reading “Baking”

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